Hamburg Airport (HAM)
Car Parking

(Hamburg, Germany)

Hamburg International Airport (HAM) is a busy facility and caters well for passengers choosing to arrive by car.

The main car parking areas are all numbered from 1 to 7 and spaces close to the airport itself are generally reserved for disabled drivers and passengers.

Short-Term and Long-Term Stay Parking

Short-term and long-term car parking is available at Hamburg International Airport (HAM) and various car parking areas situated close to the airport.

  • Parking area 1 is a short-stay car park, where cars can be parked for up to one hour
  • Parking areas 2, 3 and 7 provide both short-term car parking and long-term car parking
  • Parking areas 4 and 5 provide both short-term car parking and long-term car parking, although parking in these areas tends to be much more expensive than parking areas 2, 3 and 7
  • Parking area 6 provides long-term car parking
  • Long-term parking has regular airport courtesy shuttle buses are available, connecting the long-term car parking area to the airport's main terminal buildings. These operate every 15 minutes from 04:00 to midnight


Hamburg International Airport (HAM) also offers a valet parking service for VIP passengers. This convenient service allows passengers to park their car outside the airport and their car will be parked for them, ready for when they return. The valet parking service is maintained by SecuServe - tel: +1 (040) 5075 1011.

Airport Parking Coupons

Airport parking coupons are available for parking area P6. These coupons provide parking for periods of more than one week.


Spaces are reserved for disabled passengers with the relevant parking permits in all of HAM Airport's car parking areas and are generally sited next to the main walkways.

Hamburg Airport HAM

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